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International Daycare Leiden

Teddy Kids international daycare boasts 4 locations in central locations Staalwijk (Herenstraat), Proffesorenwijk (Zeemanlaan), Boerhaavedistrict (Rijnsburgerweg), and the American school of the Hague. Each with a unique touch, we offer an unmatchable service of education and daycare for your child.

When you step in any of the 3 locations you immediately feel at home, no matter which country you are from! Our teachers welcome you and your child to vist our spacious rooms. The Herenstraat with its homey atmosphere and large beautiful rooms and wooden garden. The Zeemanlaan with a modern look and spacious garden. The Rijnsburgerweg, with its historic building and garden paradise.

Our teachers are highly qualified and go through a very selective process of hiring to ensure your child gets the best education and care. Our open design ensures the highest level of safety both through the many windows as well through our finger-scanner technology allowing only designate parents access to the daycare. We offer a bilingual upbringing for your child, with each group having at least one English speaking teacher and one Dutch speaking teacher. Each does her daily activities and games with the kids, and uses in turn her own language. Just like in any bilingual home. The kids pick up both languages generally within 3 months.

Did you know that babies can already distinguish two languages from 7 months. Its never to late to start, we have many children who easily communicate (at a 3 and 4 year old level) in 3 and even 4 languages! We have even had a few stars who were able to pick up a 5th. Its amazing and beautiful to see how much the kids are able to absorb, we give them that first step to becoming truly global!