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The Rijnsburgerweg -
A paradise for children

The latest flagship of the Teddy Kids fleet, this iconic building was designed by Hendrik Jesse, a local architect from Leiden, in the early 1900s. Affectionally known as ‘De Keet’, this living monument was transformed to a state of the art international daycare in the centre of Leiden, only a short walk away from Leiden Central Station.

The renovation focused on preserving the original design, complimented by the most modern equipment and interior to provide an ideal home for the kids. Even the garden was stripped and rebuilt in order to become a play paradise with secluded spots for summer relaxing.

The house is essentially a little museum, preserving the beauty of old while providing the kids with state of the art daycare facilities:

  • 6 beautifully furnished rooms
  • A library filled to the brim with kids’ books
  • An elevator that stops on every floor
  • Authentic doors and decorations, complimented by soft colours make the building feel warm and welcoming

The 1000m2 garden features:

  • A race track for young drivers ;)
  • A hedge maze
  • A secluded tree paradise that provides protection from sunlight
  • Playground for the tinies

Interested to see more? Contact us to plan a tour! Any day from 10:00-14:00 or after 16:00 is possible. Prefer a different location? Teddy Kids Daycare Leiden has multiple locations to choose from.


  • Name

    Teddy Kids Rijnsburgerweg

  • Type

    KDV + BSO

  • LRK

    (KDV)467490533 | (BSO)187657531

  • Opening Times Mon-Fri

    07:30 - 18:30 (On Request 07:00 - 19:00)

  • Price Per Hour

    KDV €8.93 (2019) | BSO €8.55 (2019)

  • Price Full Day (on average)

    KDV €425 (2018) on average per month (f.e. all Mondays)

  • Contract Type Days


  • Cancellation Period

    No commitment, cancel anytime

  • Baby Groups (ages 0-1)


  • Middle Groups (ages 1-2.5)


  • Big Groups (ages 2-4)


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