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The Zeemanlaan –
A Modern Touch

The international daycare is located in a huge building above the pharmacy ‘Van Harteveld’. The front entrance looks very deceptive with its little glass door, but come inside and you will find an area of more than 1000m2 where children can learn, grow and play.

Our garden is a massive 300m2, boasting the only natural/wooden feel in all of Leiden. This daycare was opened in August 2011 and has inspired many brand new improvements and technological upgrades for our daycare.

In a word, location Zeemanlaan Leiden is modern. Its spacious rooms are equipped with state of the art facilities, and its walls and doors are windowed to provide sunlight and transparency. Additional giant windows ensure that sunlight is maximised and we almost never have to use the lamps.

Interested to see more? Contact us to plan a tour! Any day from 10:00-14:00 or after 16:00 is possible. Prefer a different location? Teddy Kids Daycare Leiden has multiple locations to choose from.


  • Name

    Teddy Kids Zeemanlaan

  • Type

    KDV + BSO

  • LRK

    KDV: 205183438 | BSO: 916083871

  • Opening Times Mon-Fri

    07:30 - 18:30 (On Request 07:00 - 19:00)

  • Price Per Hour

    KDV €8.93 (2019) | BSO €8.55 (2019)

  • Price Full Day (on average)

    KDV €425 (2019) on average per month (f.e. all Mondays)

  • Contract Type Days


  • Cancellation Period

    No commitment, cancel anytime

  • Nijntje (ages 0-1)


  • Kabouter (ages 1-2)


  • Mickey (ages 2-3)


  • Dora (ages 3-4)


  • BSO Pink (ages 4-6)


  • BSO Blue (ages 6-8)


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