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The American School of the Hague Daycare–
Truly International

Teddy Kids and the American School of the Hague (ASH) go back a long ways. Believe it or not, it was the first school our manager Artem Tolmachev attended in the Netherlands! Now we have the pleasure of working with this fantastic school and running a beautiful international daycare in the heart of their Early Childhood Center (ECC).

Working closely with the ASH and their preschool, the teachers and parents of the ASH can leave their tinies right on the campus. With one vertical group, we have space for 13 children, who enjoy the best facilities and a spacious garden.

Please visit www.ash.nl/page/admissions/daycare for more information.

Interested to see more? Contact us to plan a tour! Any day from 10:00-14:00 or after 16:00 is possible. Prefer a different location? Teddy Kids Daycare Leiden has multiple locations to choose from.


  • Name

    Teddy Kids ASH

  • Type


  • LRK


  • Opening Times Mon-Fri

    07:30 - 17:30

  • Price Per Hour

    €8.93 (2018)

  • Price Full Day

    €387 (2018) on average per month (f.e. all Mondays)

  • Contract Type Days

    Only full days

  • Cancellation Period

    No commitment, cancel anytime!

  • Vertical group (ages 0-3)


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