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Teddy Kids is here for you and your family. Coming from abroad to leiden or having a new baby, it's all a big transition. We are here to ease the transition, to help with the changes in your life, and help answer any question.

Our goal is not to only teach children English and Dutch. Our goal is to teach the children to adapt, to have the ability to learn any language, to adjust to any culture, to be a child of the world. Once they are grown up, they will be able to live, understand, and work in any country or culture. This is what creates an international child.

Daycare is the first step in a child’s international life and education and we are there, every step of the way to give them all the opportunities they deserve.

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Your Family Daycare for 15 Years

Over the past years we've taken care of thousands of Leiden's children with passion and dedication. It has been our goal to help the families both new and current in Leiden, to help open their culture to each other, to aid the children with their global citizenship.

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