At Teddy Kids we’re not only family owned and operated, we’re family oriented. We invite everyone to have a look around our international daycare locations and meet the people that we call family. We have cared for over 2,500 children since 2003 that we have been active, and continue to provide the best care and bilingual education to kids from all over the globe.

Easy transition

We understand that switching daycares can be a hassle, so we do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your kids. Interested in learning more? Contact us on the details below.

Main contact details:
Manager Tess van Overbeeke: +31 6 2096 6405‬
Zachar Tolmachev: +31 6 4379 4470 or

or email us at

Other contact details:
Artem Tolmachev:

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