Maak impact.

Ben jij een leidster die zorgzaam en liefdevol is. Heb jij de passie om kinderen inspirerend en spelenderwijs alles bij te brengen wat ze nodig hebben om zich later uitstekend staande te houden in onze veeleisende multi-culturele samenleving. Als je je hierin herkent, dan ben je wellicht de geschikte kandidaat voor ons kinderdagverblijf.

Join a family.

Teddy Kids provides only the best for children, families and teachers! In the heart of downtown Leiden, you’ll find this warm and welcoming community a great place to grow your career in child care! As a teacher, you will be joining incredible teaching teams who have worked hard to achieve many great things.

  • Located in lovely Leiden + Wassenaar, in the Netherlands

  • Headquartered in the heart of downtown Leiden

  • Surrounded by teachers, dreamers, artists, and more

Deijlerweg - Wassenaar

Reap the benefits.

We strive to offer the best (and most unique) benefits of any daycare company in the Netherlands. Your time at Teddy Kids should be personally, professionally, and psychologically rewarding... and fun!

In addition to all these great benefits, we also offer lots of different bonusses, a friendly team, flexible work schedule, many company parties learn and enjoy each others company. We look forward to continuing to grow our benefits package as we grow.

Have fun.

Life's too short to sit in a cube and hate your job. We’re a passionate group of friends and colleagues who are out to change the child care world, and we have a whole lot of fun while we’re at it. From company outings to bootcamps to just plain laughing a lot – we work hard and play hard – and enjoy the heck out of it.

We're hiring. Join us!

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