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Our Teddy Cafe

Teddy Kids International CAFE Leiden finally opened in 2020!

A welcome addition to the community with healthy food for parents and children and a fun and safe environment for the kids!

The idea came to provide an amazing space for parents and kids alike where both could enjoy a peaceful and delicious environment! With a key focus on healthy food.

All our food is prepared plant based (vegan) with many vegetarian or meat options available.

Kids have a healthy choice of fruits and veg as well warm and cold sandwiches tosti's and plant based yoghurts.

For the parents too we have a wide vaierty of tasty meals from chia pudding, to salmon and a range of pastries.

The location boasts a huge 1000m2 garden fully equipped for the BSO so all toys and facilities are child proof!

Indoor we haev a 80m2 play area for the small kids fully padded. For the bigger kids a giant bouncy castles where they can jump out their energies.

In the summer we have swimming pools, face painting and poffertjes made fresh by our very own Els!

We look forward to welcoming you and have a nice relaxing and joyful moment at the Teddy Cafe!

Our Cafe

Teddy Kids International Daycare Leiden opened its very first location at Herenstraat in 2004. Almost 15 years later, we have grown to family owned and operated organisation with daycares in 4 different locations and 2 after school care locations (BSO). Spread out over these locations are ±50 highly qualified permanent teachers of varying nationalities and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on how we have evolved into our signature multicultural atmosphere.

Leiden has a large and diverse international community that is attractive for both work and studies. Places likes the LUMC, University of Leiden and Webster University or the BIO science park, among others, make it an attractive expat hub. It makes Leiden a great place for both Dutch and international communities, and that’s also why we moved here in the 1990s.

When we first moved to the Netherlands, and Leiden in particular, we were impressed by the international orientation of schools and the community, but we felt that there was a big gap for working expats to have their children attend international daycare, as well as a lack of bilingual opportunities for Dutch kids. As a result, we decided that we could make the transition to Dutch life smoother, while providing a gateway to other cultures for Dutch families. Building on our own experiences as expats, we built a company on the principle that Dutch and international children can learn and grow together.

We still believe that principle lays the foundation for a more globally aware and culturally sensitive society, and we do everything in our power to make that happen. That’s what makes us who we are and that what makes Teddy Kids a perfect choice for parents and kids who want to broaden their horizons and bridge the divide between cultures and countries.

You’re welcome to come round to any of our locations for a tour and a cup of tea, just give us a call.


Irina, Marco, Tess, Artem, Zachar, and the Teddy Kids team

The International
Cafe of Leiden

Your delicious and fun stop in the city!

The International
Cafe of Leiden

The First Steps Towards
Becoming a Global Citizen

Teddy Kids 
your first choice.

Our cafe comes from the desire to have a fun and joyful moment not just by yourself, but with your little previous ones!

How many times have you gone to a cafe only to find a little (and sometimes unlcead corner)?

Your son or daughter is sat at a table and given a coloring page which all too soon (30 seconds?) is no longer interesting!

And the food? Kids eat plenty of healthy food! Why is only fried food and cheap tostis offered in most places.

At Teddy Cafe we offer you and the children the same food as our daycare and more!

Kids can choose from a variety of fruit platters, warm biological lunches and tostis made with the best cheese, hams and freshly daily baked bread.

For the parents smoothies, avo toasts and beautiful platters are available!

Why Teddy Kids 
cafe is 
your first choice.

Teddy Kids is here for you and your family. Coming from abroad to leiden or having a new baby, it's all a big transition. We are here to ease the transition, to help with the changes in your life, and help answer any question.

Our goal is not to only teach children English and Dutch. Our goal is to teach the children to adapt, to have the ability to learn any language, to adjust to any culture, to be a child of the world. Once they are grown up, they will be able to live, understand, and work in any country or culture. This is what creates an international child.

Daycare is the first step in a child’s international life and education and we are there, every step of the way to give them all the opportunities they deserve.

Our qualities

we love what we do we do it with passion


We are a flexible daycare: Reuse missed days, change days with 1 day notice, full days, half days, flexible hours and much more!


One English and one Dutch speaking teacher in each group. Give your child a head start towards becoming a Global Citizen.


We understand your culture and do everything we can to help your child integrate. We can accommodate any diet, follow a specific schedule, and answer all your questions.


That’s right! No cancellation period! Sometimes your job changes, or you are relocating: 1 day notice is enough.


We try to buy as many biological products as possible to give the children. The milk is free of additives, a lot of variation in fruit & vegetables, and all the children get warm biological food by Moekes!


We gladly help expats with the kinderopvangtoeslag or other government/tax related issues. Moving to leiden? We are here for you! That’s why Teddy Kids is also a little Expat centre! We've been doing this for years. ;)

Your Family 
Daycare (and now Cafe) for 17

Over the past 15+ years we've taken care of thousands of Leiden's children with passion and dedication. It has been our goal to help the families both new and current in Leiden, to help open their culture to each other, to aid the children with their global citizenship. 

Now with our Cafe we hope to offer yet another amazing experiance to you and our children!

Your Family Daycare for 15 Years

Over the past years we've taken care of thousands of Leiden's children with passion and dedication. It has been our goal to help the families both new and current in Leiden, to help open their culture to each other, to aid the children with their global citizenship.

The Best Cafe

at the most convenient  location in Leiden

Lorentzkade 15-A 
2313 GB


Some Fun Facts

аbout our cafe

What Parents Say About Us


A frequent visitor I enjoy the vegetarian options! Its nice to see a change in the food from the standard salads! When it comes to flexabilty they will adjust any meal to my fitting and taste! Amazing! My kids love it too of course, from the giant yard to the bouncy castle! Cant wait for the next time. Thank you!


Avo toast all the way! Many toppings to choose from and even more variet of drinks! Every weekend a spot is booked! Cant wait for the summer!! I would advise Teddy Cafe to any parent.


Absolutly the most amazing coffee and platters. Yum yum yummmm cant stop coming back for more! My kids love it too of course hehe. Try the cat poop coffee if you are feeling frisky!

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We're hiring. Join us!

Barista (27-36 hour)


We're looking for an amazing new Teddy Cafe Barista!

Help us provide an exceptional experience for our families. With child in mind be involved in the process to create amazing dishes, delicious meals and tasty coffees!

We love experimenting and trying new ideas so go ahead and sign up!

We offer a fixed salary plus revenue share!

Cook (20-36 hours)


We offer warm meals to kids, and have our own ideas on how to do even better! With your creative touch we can take the warm meals and delicous healthy food to the next level!

During the cafe hours, you can create anything from pastries cakes, to risotos and pastas. Skills in making avo toast is a must.

Cant wait to taste your skills!


Not seeing the position you were hoping for? 
Tell us why we would be crazy to not hire you!

The Best Cafe

at the most convenient  locations in Leiden

American School
of the Hague 
2241 AE

Lorentzkade 15-A 
2313 GB

Zeemanlaan 22-A 
2313 SZ

Herenstraat 64
2313 AM

Rijnsburgerweg 35 
2334 BE

Rijnsburgerweg 3 
2334 BA


Some Fun Facts

аbout our cafe in Leiden

What Parents Say About Us

Chizu Matsushita

I was a desperate mum of a then 0-year-old daughter five years ago, starting a student life in Leiden alone, unable to find a daycare near home/university. TK offered a helping hand, and I have cherished our encounter and relationship to this day. My daughter was brought up by wonderful teachers and the TK management team for over one year until we left Holland. TK was extremely supportive, always considerate of my situation and offered help throughout our stay. Its flexibility and warm atmosphere cannot be found anywhere else. I know we are welcome anytime; I and my now-5-year-old daughter just visited them and we continue admiring them. THANK YOU, Teddy Kids!

Alice Mokhovykov

I've known Teddy Kids Palace for 5 years. Both my children went there several days per week since they were 4 months old. The teachers are totaly dedicated to the care of the children. They love what they do and we can see it. The management is also easy to reach and ready to help whenever they can. A lot of teachers are foreigners which is really nice because they speak English to the kids. My second daughter is now 3,5 and she understands English without any problem and is even beginning to talk back in English! I would advise Teddy Kids to any parent.

R Aruleswaran

I am a full-time working single mother. I started sending my baby from the age of 3 months. The team had been very cooperative, flexible and understanding of my needs. My daughter is always very happy to go there. She beams with smiles whenever I drop her off. The teachers from the baby group are jovial, attentive and helpful. Together they make a wonderful team. The international environment additionally makes this place more appealing for children from foreign backgrounds. I'd recommend Teddy's anytime to parents looking for a reliable, safe and fun childcare.

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We're hiring. Join us!

Pedagogical staff (27-36 hour)


We're looking for some amazing new Teddy Kids colleagues to help us continue to provide an exceptional experience for our families. We are mostly looking for candidates that are as passionate about the growth and development of the precious children in our care as we are.

Pedagogical staff (On-call / Part-time)

Leiden and/or Wassenaar

At Teddy Kids the child is the heart and soul of what we do, and we're looking for amazing people to help us continue to provide an excellent experience to our families in Leiden & Wassenaar.

Intern @all locations

Not seeing the position you were hoping for? 
Tell us why we would be crazy to not hire you!

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