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Welcome to your

Let Teddy Home Manage All Your Housing Needs

Whatever your desires are for the house, we are there to help. With our massive network, Teddy Home will help you with your renovation, moving, finding a new apartment, financing or selling your house! We are child friendly, expat friendly and have a high quality level. How can we help you today?


With over 17 years experience, we have built and now maintain 6 beautiful locations across Leiden. Over the years we have put together a great network of people who can help with almost all your wishes and desires regarding the house. We will help you save time and get the best value for your money and most importantly today... no weeks or months waiting!

High Quality

You already know our high standard of daycare and now we bring the same to your home. From great architectural plans, to the perfect advice on which paint to use. Our team knows the quality we expect of them and will deliver the same for you.

Family Oriented

We are a family business, and have built our reputation on this! Our team is close and small and you can rest assured to receive the personal and close attention you receive from our daycare!

Stay in Leiden without contract, fully furnished and with design.


Looking for a rental?
We have you covered!
✓ Great terms   flexible   everything can be done online. 
Everything is digital with us, so other than the viewing, there is no paper work. 

We love quality and are child friendly. What else are you looking for?
This apartment will be done in “registration” that means the highest 
bidders will be offered, once the apartment is available.

Let us take care of your desires


We Build You Enjoy 

Our builders work for years in Teddy Kids and very experienced in dealing with kids and keeping a safe environment. Let us take care of your desires.

From a paintjob, to a new bathroom, or a full house renovation! We can do it all, take a look on our before after pictures and see if you can get insprired!

Together with our partners we offer range of services.
Think construction, architecture, mortgages, buying and selling and many more!


All Roads Lead to Home

Whatever it is you need to do with your home, just ask, we probably know someone somewhere, who can help and adivse.
We dont charge for it either, you get the same price we would pay... we get a commision from the work, but never at your expense!

 Refer a friend

You and friend both receive a 10% voucher to use on any project.

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